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IP Transit

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Alsardfiber is an IP Transit provider, offering premium Global transit services via its premium multihomed network (AS39216). Bandwidth services are available in a number of carrier neutral colocation facilities across Iraq.

IP Transit allows your network to become part of the global Internet by connecting to the Internet backbone at high speed within one of the Alsardfiber on-net locations.

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Global Transit

Global IP Transit may be delivered as either a BGP feed or using static allocations. This service provides 100% coverage for your network to the global Internet from any one of our on-net locations. A number of features are available in order to control your traffic.

Global IP Transit

Global IP Transit provides a fast, burst capable, connection to the Global Internet from any one of our on-net locations throughout Iraq via our premium multi-homed network, AS39216.

This service will connect your network to the rest of the Internet via the Alsardfiber high speed backbone. Global IP Transit can be delivered using either static assignments or dynamically using the BGPv4 protocol if you have an Autonomous System Number (ASN) of your own.

BGP Delivery

When using BGP your routers will be sent a full Internet routing table (a default route may also be originated if required) and your announced address space will be announced to all upstream providers and peers. We support an extensive set of customer definable BGP community strings allowing you to control propagation of your own prefixes, as well as distinguish the origin of routes we send to you.


  • Extensive Community Support
  • Sessions with multiple Alcatel Service Router 7750 series routers
  • Control your own network
  • Multiple diverse routes available
  • Short paths due to extensive peering
  • Static Delivery
  • With a statically routed connection we handle all routing out to the Internet. This service is perfect for those that do not wish to manage their own routers.

For IP addresses we are able to provide an assignment of our own PA allocations, else we can also originate/route your PI space. RIPE services are available through our LIR including PI and ASN registration. There are no limits to the number of IP addresses available, however they are subject to justification as per RIPE guidelines.

Whilst all static connections are terminated on a pair of layer 3 devices, multiple physical hand-offs are optionally available for redundancy against switch failure.


  • Plug and Play - No network experience required.
  • Unlimited IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) subject to RIPE guidelines.
  • Use your own PI space.
  • No routing equipment required.
  • Self-healing network.

Network Features

Our customers expect, and demand, a premium service including knowledgeable and helpful support staff, reliability, low latency and high throughput from their IP Transit service. In order to provide this our network has a number of features which set us apart from some other IP transit providers.

99.999% SLA

We offer a 99.999% network availability SLA (Service Level Agreement) as standard on all data transit products. We have put every possible safe-guard in place to make sure we can deliver this promise and to keep your packets flowing in the event of an outage.

MPLS Backbone

We operate a multi-10Gbps private MPLS backbone utilising the latest Alcatel Service Router 7750 series equipment on leased dark fiber and wavelengths. This allows us to provide stringent latency and packet loss SLAs over the network as we are able to guarantee your throughput by virtue of MPLS-TE. Using this technology traffic can be automatically re-routed on to under-utilised paths so as to avoid links ever becoming congested under high traffic patterns.

Extensive Peering

Our network features extensive public and private peering connections. Exchanges are connected directly to our core routers enabling low-latency and high throughput interconnects with other networks.

Proactively Monitored

All customer, core, peer and transit connections to the network are monitored by our NOC at all times for capacity, jitter, packet loss and latency. This ensures that, should an issue occur, we are able to respond as quickly as possible by routing traffic away from any troublesome network paths over alternate routes.

Remote Triggered Blackhole Service

If you are suffering from a DoS attack our service allows you to remotely trigger a null route for the IP under attack which will stop the traffic before it reaches your network, thus alleviating traffic load from your uplinks.

Service Delivery and Addressing

IP Transit can be delivered using either static assignments or dynamically using the BGP protocol.

For physical connection Ethernet port speeds of 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps are supported. Availability of copper and fiber depends on site location and cross-connect distance. Other connection types may also be supported if required (such as E1, DS-3, etc.), however setup fees may apply.

IP Addressing

All static feed pricing includes both IPv4 and IPv6 assignments, subject to justification, from our PA allocations.

Should you wish to utilize BGP routing and do not have the expertise in-house we also offer a network consultancy service and are able to install and maintain networks for clients. For further information please contact us.

As we are full RIPE members we can also assist you in applying for your own ASN (Autonomous System Number) and PI (Provider Independent) address space should this be required, or assisting you in becoming an LIR yourselves.

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