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Alsardfiber offers a targeted range of products and services designed to fulfill the high-speed connectivity requirements of our customers.

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Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is available to all our on-net sites by virtue of running a next-generation MPLS network. All sites feature redundant connectivity over leased dark fiber.

What is Metro Ethernet?

A Metro Ethernet Service, an MPLS pseudo-wire, Carrier Ethernet, or a Datacenter Interconnect, is a transparent Ethernet circuit between a pair of locations; emulating a direct Ethernet cable between your devices on either end. The connections will pass all Layer 2 protocols such as CDP and spanning tree as well as your VLAN tags (including your own Q-in-Q or double tagged frames).


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Metro Ethernet Uses

  • Expand your network, using Metro Ethernet, to new sites quickly and cost effectively
  • Temporary connectivity between sites - no long contracts
  • Reduce leased line costs
  • Save on bandwidth costs; compared to using Internet traffic
  • Connect to customers in remote locations
  • Connect to private peering partners in remote locations

MPLS Network/Datacenter Interconnect Features

  • MPLS Metro Ethernet port speeds available: 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps
  • All port speeds support Jumbo Frames of up to 9000 bytes
  • Guaranteed throughput by virtue of RSVP based bandwidth reservation
  • Layer 2 protocol and VLAN Transparent - run your own VLAN tags as on your own metro networks with no intervention from us
  • Point-2-multipoint options available
  • Provisioning can be completed on the same business day as order
  • Pseudo-Pseudo-wires are provided on annual contracts by default, with monthly contracts available.

Metro Ethernet Pricing

We are a Metro Ethernet provider to samll to large companies as well as can cater to call requirements.

Please contact us for a Metro Ethernet quote or to discuss your datacenter interconnect requirements. Include your required metro Ethernet network locations and interconnect speed.

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