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AlSardFiber provides high-speed networking solutions
AlSardFiber owns and operates a technologically advanced nationwide fiber-optic backbone network, thousands of KMs in length, enabling it to provide voice, data, and IP services to customers across Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Nowadays, AlSardFiber has become one of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)’s fastest-growing fiber
backbone operators with a huge customer base ranging from ISPs,
Telecommunication Operators, governmental agencies, and many other large to
small corporations. This has led AlSardFiber to gain a significant portion of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) telecommunication market.
Using Fiber-Optics technology conducted AlSardFiber to comply with the growing demand for fast and reliable IP-based services. AlSardFiber is one of the IP Services providers in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which utilizes separate redundant routes for backup purposes and its IP service is delivered directly from Europe in cooperation with Europe’s best IP services providers.

Feb 1 2022

Komar University | Field Scientific Trip
Students of the college of engineering of Komar University of Science and Technology conducted a scientific trip to Alsard Fiber Company, to get acquainted with their work and activities. at Alsard Fiber Company, Engineer Mohammed Hassan, Head of the Corporate Planning Department, had commissioned three engineers to deliver three different seminars for komar universty's students.

Feb 1 2022


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3 Results Found