Solutions for Enterprises

AlsardFiber provides high speed networking solutions that meet your requirements for unlimited, reliable bandwidth at affordable costs.. .

Carriers and Service Providers

AlsardFiber provides the connectivity solutions you need, at affordable costs.

Network Services

Keep your business connected. Whether you need Internet access or a fully-meshed, secure IP network , AlsardFiber has a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

National Telecom Service provider

Alsard Fiber has made significant contributions to Kurdistan Regional telecommunications infrastructure and using our fiber backbone we can provide many cost effective solutions to GSM operators and ISP providers at high quality

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FiberOptic Network

Licensed by Investment commission for FiberOptics and WiMax Projects & 

Own multi International cross border connections

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Infrastructure Development

Under development network capacity and top iraqi backbone provider

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Alsard Fiber's Vision & Mission

Our vision is to maximize our market share, build a good reputation, offer 100% customer satisfaction and lead the way in Iraq for the advanced Our mission is to provide high quality IP-based services by offering excellent management and customer care, better value propositions, fast and reliable technology, thereby maximzaing out stakholers' value.

Alsard Fiber's success can be attributed to its well researched and planned business startegies and its provision of a comperhensive range of IP based solutions, including internet services, MBS, IPLC, Voice International, VOIP and other customized solutions available

Guaranteed Quality

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Alsard fiber owns and operates a technologically advanced nationwide fiber-optic backbone network, thousands of KM in length, enabling it to provide voice, data and IP services to customers across Iraq for both domestice and international uses.
Nowadays, Alsard Fiber has become Iraq's fastest growing fiber backbone operator with a huge customer base ranging from ISPs, Telecommunication Operators, governmental agencies, many other large  to small corporations. This has led Alsard Fiber to gain a significatnt share of the Iraqi IP & telecommunication market in a condiderably short period of time.
Using Fiber-Optics thechnology led Alsard Fiber able to meet the grwoing demand for fast and reliable IP based services. Alsard Fiber is the only IP Services provider in Iraq, which utilizes separate redundant routes for back up purposes and its IP services are delivered direct from Europe in cooperation with EUrope's best IP services providers